When I started this site, I wanted it to be a place for my friends and I to share our photos, discotheque means record library, fototheque means photo library. That never happened mostly because I am a more prolific shooter than most of my friends. A year or so ago I had the idea of having profiles of Xpan photographers associated to my Hasselblad Xpan page. I finally got around to it, http://www.fototheque.com/xpanphotographers So far I have 4 Xpan photographer profiles on the site and quite a few more in the pipeline. Check it out!

I posted a link to this on Twitter and Facebook but I didn’t put anything on here, so here it is. Last week a friend of mine Damo wanted to sit down and chat to me about photography for his website Inconspicuosity. So we met at The Spread Eagle Hotel while our SOs were stitching and bitching. It was a lot harder to be on the other side of questioning than I thought. If you would like to read the interview please click here. I think it’s time to start Photographer Stories up again.

29 January 2015

I can’t say how I stumbled upon this, but I did. The photographer seducing the model is a porn cliche so wasn’t I surprised to see the humble photo lab worker having a win. It’s old but it seems to have been shot in an actual, functioning photo lab. There’s no way this would stay on Flickr or Facebook so I uploaded it to my own website. Please add any cease and desists to my tab. If you would like to watch the original film, you can do so here.


27 January 2015

The Creeps: The Movie
As we were leaving my friends The Creeps’ house the other day the light was low and I thought I would take a photo of them, I knew I had one shot left but someone else had used it, so I had no choice but to fire off a whole roll on these weirdos. Click here to see the animated version.

2 January 2015

A website lets you make a video from your best Instagram photos from the year, I don’t know of one that makes one from Flickr so I had to make it myself. Here are my top 10 photo of 2014.

7 November 2014

I decided to enter a photo into this years Salon at the Centre for Creative Photography, it’s the first real exhibition/contest thing I have put something into apart from Unsensored and the MSM’s things at the BIFB. I think I went to one of these quite a few years ago in a building on Gertrude St, it might have been a Kodak Salon back then. It’s on from the 14th of November until the 13th of December.

18 October 2014


Here’s the photo that Kris took of me after we recorded an episode of Photographer Stories the other night. I wouldn’t recommend looking at it at 100%, it’s a little scary.

Help me pick what photo to exhibit

Unsensored14 is approaching and I can’t decide what image or images to exhibit. I have narrowed it down to 6. Vote on Flickr or tweet me your suggestion at @fotodudenz. I may even be able to do two Xpan shots.

Hi. Hey look at that! A blog post without words! So I’ve had this idea for a project in the back of mind for a few years now and I finally got around to starting it. It’s called Photographer Stories and it’s a podcast and each episode I will have a little chat with a photographer/photo taker/photo maker/someone in the photographic industry that I know, record it and put it on the internet. My biggest obstacle has been myself, I hate the sound of my own voice, like really afraid of it, I don’t even like how I sound when someone else reads what I have written. So then I realised I am looking at the cure for this right in the face, I make myself listen to my own voice and TA-DA! I am cured. So last Thursday I drove out to Malmsbury and had a little chat with my friend Rhys, recorded it and put it on the internet. Here it is.

9 July 2014

Look Right

Yes more nostalgia. When I was in Sydney in 2005 I took a photo of a pedestrian crossing in The Rocks and it became not only one of my most popular photos, it has earned me a bit of pocket money as well. So left is the crossing as it is today and right 2005.
Look Right