22 May 2014

Court Dreams

26 March 2014

The Wall

14 March 2014

Williams Fucking Landing

27 February 2014


13 August 2013

Bus Stop

28 June 2013

Suburbia scares me. Ambre and I were in Canberra for Xmas with her Dad. We were driving around and I spotted a new housing estate beside the motorway in the middle of nowhere. We went in and I was immediately reminded of when I grew up on the Gold Coast during the housing boom, areas that used to be full of trees now had roads and I was learning to drive on them. New Territories is about the country becoming the city. It’s about where you used to live. It’s about houses becoming homes. It’s about high-fiving your neighbour out your kitchen windows. It’s about the future and how we’ll fuck everything nice and turn it into some kitschy crap for a dollar.

8 June 2013


6 June 2013


4 June 2013


White men can't jump