Bram Bijlhout

Bram Bijlhout

Now it’s time for Bram from The Netherlands to have a go.

When did you get your Xpan?

Some months ago.

What attracted you to the Xpan?

I love the looks of the camera and the format it shoots in.

What lenses do you have?

I have the 45 and 90 mm lens.

(If you have more than one) Which is your favourite lens?

I haven’t shot with the 90 mm lens yet so for now the 45 is my favourite.

What do you like to take photos of with your Xpan?

I like different things. Landscape but also some street photography.

What is your favourite film to use in the Xpan?

I like Kodak Ektar but i’m starting to shoot with the Cinestill 50 daylight film now more often.

What are your three favourite shots that you have taken with your Xpan?

Cute dog

The little dog is alway in front of a store around the corner of my house.

House on the hill

A nice house on the way to my favourite camera/film store in Utrecht.

Street light

Classic streetlight in the city center.

What is your favourite shot that someone else took with an Xpan?

[ 偽XPAN ] 嵐山

I love the colors in this photo.

Which photographers inspire you?

I like Saul Leiter, not an Xpan photographer but i love his style and compositions.

What other cameras do you like to use?

Besides the Xpan I use a Ricoh GR1S, Konica Hexar and a Yashica Mat most of the time.

If Hasselblad made a digital Xpan, would you buy it?

I like film a lot but i would be tempted…

Where can we see your work?

I just started with Flickr so it a work in progress…..

And (no Xpan photos):


Cheers Bram!

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