Casper Apricot

Casper Apricot

 This time on Xpan Photographer profiles it’s Casper from Santiago de Chile.

When did you find out about the Xpan?

I knew that camera about 4 years ago , and got the money to buy it from a young Finn.

When did you get your Xpan?

Around 2013 I got the Xpan from Finland.

What attracted you to the Xpan?

The format is the most interesting. Also the possibility of returning to shoot with calm and reflection, taking care to fill the picture box proportionally. It’s sharpness is incredible.

What lenses do you have?

I have the 45mm and 90mm.

Which is your favourite lens?

The 45mm, the 90mm I’ve used for 30 pictures, maybe.

What do you like to take photos of with your Xpan?

Usually I make photos of landscape and urbanity. Today I ‘m doing a project on the forms of representation of the landscape and how it has evolved because of human beings. I mainly use the camera vertically and I always try a minimal composition.

What would you like to take photos of with your Xpan?

I wish to devote all of my time to photography, documentary, landscape and architecture.

What is your favourite film to use in the Xpan?

Ilford HP5 400 and Kodak Ultramax 400. I would love to shoot with Kodak Ektar but I’ve never had the opportunity .

What are your three favourite shots that you have taken with your Xpan?

It is always difficult to choose , but I think they have personal meaning, rather than aesthetic.

The first was taken at the “Maison Européenne de la Photographie” with little light and a person I love very much.

In the second picture you see my cousins ​​in a sunset in Pichilemu, Chile.

And the last photograph is a mixture of architecture and street photography, I found a group of police trainees mingling with the environment.

What is your favourite shot that someone else took with an Xpan?

I like the pictures of Britt Leckman, a while ago I saw that picture and I loved the tranquility of the place and its well-balanced gray.

Which photographers inspire you?

I am a big admirer of Josef Koudelka ( his book “Chaos” is wonderful) . I also admire Horst Hamann who uses a Linhof Technorama and Xpan for his books “New York Vertical” and “Vertical Paris”. Another photographer is Pentti Sammallahti who has a unique way to see the scenery and wildlife (They were one of Cartier-Bresson’s favorite photographers).

What other cameras do you like to use?

I always use the Xpan and Nikon D810 , but I would love to purchase a large format 4×5 Chamonix F1 and Linhof Technorama tilt shift .

If Hasselblad made a digital Xpan, would you buy it?

Absolutely , it would solve many things. :)

Where can we see your work?

Mainly on Flickr:

and I have a website , but I have not updated for a long time , I think it’s time to upgrade:


Cheers Casper!

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