Yuan Chao

Yuan ChaoNext up is Yuan from China.

When did you find out about the Xpan?

Beginning of 2008.

When did you get your Xpan?

Beginning of 2008.

What attracted you to the Xpan?

At first, I saw an awesome old photo someone took using a 6×17 camera, but the camera is too large for me. So after that I bought a Russian camera called a “Horizon” from Lomography, but you can’t change the lens. Finally I saw the Xpan by chance. Wide images, Small form factor, swappable lenses. I know this is what I want.

What lenses do you have?

45mm/f4 & 90mm/f4

Which is your favourite lens?

The 45mm lens undoubtedly.

It’s wide angle and small lens. Not too much weight with Xpan.

What do you like to take photos of with your Xpan?

Landscape and street photography, most of time. I use the Xpan when I am traveling.

What would you like to take photos of with your Xpan?

More and more wonderful places I want to travel in the future. Tibet, is big on my list.

What is your favourite film to use in the Xpan?

Fuji RDP, Kodak Porta 400, Kodak Ektar

I love the colours on those films.

What are your three favourite shots that you have taken with your Xpan?

It’s hard to choose!


#1 In the treetops at far side of the mountain there are crows screaming bloody crow murder at each other.


#2 I found this place in Macao, a deserted old shipyard. it’s been abandoned by the bustling city.

Danxia landform

#3 I have this shot in Zhangye Danxia where is located in the middle of Hexi Corridor of Gansu Province . Danxia Landforms consist of red sedimentary rock and steep cliffs

What is your favourite shot that someone else took with an Xpan?

Photo by David Guttenfelder

Photo by David Guttenfelder . Awesome Photo ! These are precious historical pictures left to posterity.

Which photographers inspire you?

Life is about capturing the moment in its beauty, and telling a story to every beautiful moment. – Blanca Acosta.

I have been trying hard to record the beauty of life.

What other cameras do you like to use?

Nikon F3,
Nikon Fa,
Nikon F100
Nikon D70s ,my first Digital camera
Nikon D700 ,my first full-frame camera
Ricoh GRD4
Leica M system Classic camera
Sony A7

If Hasselblad made a digital Xpan, would you buy it?

Why not?

The camera needs to update.

Where can we see your work?



Cheers Yuan!

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