4,000+ uploads to Flickr & Some stats
3 March 2014

Recently I uploaded my 4,008th photo to Flickr. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I fucking love stats so I thought I would share a few with you. Some of the information comes from Flickr and some comes from patchy data which started in 2012 on a dodgy 3rd party Flickr stat site, so it is what it is. A lot of info on this post is going to be clickable so go ahead and hover.

Of the 4008 photo on Flickr, 991 are tagged Xpan, 1,044 are tagged Voigtlander and 207 are tagged Mamiya 7. My most used tag on Flickr is film with 2,355 tags, tag #2 is Australia with 2,164 tags, tag #3 is Rangefinder with 2,154 tags. The Xpan tag has apparently provided 14,677 visits to my Flickr account and Mamiya 7 43mm has provided 6,934 visits. Even though there are only 31 photos tagged nude on my Flickr account (and only one actual nude photo of me) the keyword nude has provided 8,978 visits, thank you pervs! On the 15th of January 2013 I reached 1,000,000 views.

My best upload year was 2007 with 787 photo uploads, this was the year I moved to Melbourne so I had a lot more interesting things to take photos of, but far less spare time. As far as uploading goes my best month of the year is April which is 32% higher than my 2nd best month January. My best individual month was April 2006 with 151 uploads, this was just after I spent 3 weeks in Japan. My worst individual month December 2013 with a grand total of 0 uploads, Whoops! I blame GTA V. My worst month of the year is July, I blame this on Winter.

My best view day, on record, was Wednesday the 25th of July 2013 with a total of 6,569 views due to my photo More Momorangi being in Explore. Speaking of Explore I have 32 photos in Explore and I have had 69 photos removed from Explore.

My most interesting photo on Flickr is The California Hotel with 7,225 views, 136 favourites and 32 comments. My most viewed photo is My Kit 15/01/2007 with 12,313 views and my most favourited photo is Formerly the 12 Apostles with 189 favourites. My least popular photo is Hawthorn Fragments #23 with a measly 11 views.

Of the 406 groups I am in on Flickr, I am the Admin for 24 and Moderator for 7. The group I get the most referrals from is Mamiya 7 & 7II with a total of 2,347 referrals even though I only have 207 images in the group. #2 is the group 43mm Mamiya 7 with 1,560 referrals for 206 photos and #3 is Xpan with 1013 referrals for 632 photos (like I mentioned earlier the data is patchy and since 2012 only). The least amount of referrals is from the Rangefinder group, only 27 from 730 photos. Google is the #1 external referrer with 6095 referrals and #2 is my own website, fototheque.com with 5470 referrals.

So there you have it, far, far too much information. Thank you to both of you who read this.