New Project: Photographer Stories
6 August 2014

Hi. Hey look at that! A blog post without words! So I’ve had this idea for a project in the back of mind for a few years now and I finally got around to starting it. It’s called Photographer Stories and it’s a podcast and each episode I will have a little chat with a photographer/photo taker/photo maker/someone in the photographic industry that I know, record it and put it on the internet. My biggest obstacle has been myself, I hate the sound of my own voice, like really afraid of it, I don’t even like how I sound when someone else reads what I have written. So then I realised I am looking at the cure for this right in the face, I make myself listen to my own voice and TA-DA! I am cured. So last Thursday I drove out to Malmsbury and had a little chat with my friend Rhys, recorded it and put it on the internet. Here it is.