The Sony A7 and rAdelaide
12 May 2015

Glenelg Jetty

A double-decker post! zOMG!

It’s a double post because I’m nearly 2 months into owning the Sony A7 and a couple of weeks ago Ambré and I went to rAdelaide for the weekend.

The Sony A7, like I mentioned I have had it for nearly 2 months and as much as I don’t want to admit it, I don’t hate it. I have been wanting this camera since it was announced but due to the amount of money I have spent on digital cameras in the past and watched depreciate into nothing, I refused to buy new. I was waiting for a used one to drop below AU$1000 and it finally happened. I only really use it for the Voigtlander 12mm, I have had a go at less wide with it (35mm) and that was a epic failure and we won’t talk of that ever again. It’s nice to have a camera that I can comfortably and confidently use at night without the worry of shitty high speed film and slow lenses. It just works.

But there are things that annoy me, like forgetting to check if the memory card is in it or my computer before I go out and the digital level indicator that just isn’t level. Also what I really like is the ability to wirelessly send a photo to my phone or iPad, edit it and then upload it to Flickr. I did this a couple of times in rAdelaide and it was fun. I was just using Snapseed and I think I might have went a bit over the top on a couple but oh well, fuck it, decide for yourself.

This doesn’t mean I have abandoned film!

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Like I mentioned Ambré and I went to rAdelaide for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, it was my first time in rAdelaide and it didn’t disappoint. There were some interesting sights. We mainly went over for to have a look at Trent Parke’s exhibition “The Black Rose”. To be honest I was a bit disappointed. But rAdelaide’s photography and street photography gods were shining down (or is it up?) on me while I was there and I took a few winners on the Xpan. We also went for a few nice long walks, even on the beach and saw many wonders that rAdelaide and Glenelg had to offer. I’d go back.

So the final scores are:

Sony A7: 8/10
The Black Rose: 5/10
Deli in the rAdelaide Market: 10/10
Xpan: 10/10
Street photography in Adelaide: 9/10
Glenelg: 8/10
The stupid fucking tram in rAdelaide: 2/10
rAdelaide: 8/10
Not being able to eat the fucking desserts at the hotel buffet: 0/10