Why I won’t be upgrading to the Voigtlander 10mm, yet.
27 February 2016

I recently found out that soon Voigtlander will be releasing a 10mm Hyper Wide Heliar lens. I’ll admit, when I first found out about it I was quite excited but when I saw what price it was going to be I became a little less excited. As you probably already know #ilikeitwide, so can I justify spending another $1k on another ultra wide lens? Yes, so I’d better start talking myself out of it, quick. Firstly: I work in retail so I’m not exactly rolling in money. Secondly: I generally don’t buy new, the last new thing I bought was 10 years ago, so maybe I’ll wait until someone else buys it and decides that it’s way too wide for them. Thirdly: Exactly how much wider is the 10mm than the 12mm? And this is the bit that convinced me. The 12mm has an angle of view of 121º, the 10mm has an angle of view of 130º which means the 10mm is only 7.5% wider than the 12mm. Now let’s compare that to my previous wide upgrades: from 24mm to 15mm was a 31% increase in wideness, and from 15mm to 12mm was a 10% increase in wideness. Now for the motherload: from the Xpan 45mm to the 30mm was a whopping 84% increase in wideness! But that was one hell of an investment! Fourthly: I have been enjoying using the far, far less wide 40mm recently and the 21mm equivalent 43mm on the Mamiya 7 is beautiful. Fifthly. Is that even a world? I was sceptical about fourthly, no red squiggle, I’m going with it. Fifthly: I have always thought it was strange when people upgrade their digital camera just because there is a new one out, I don’t want to be one of those people. So for the immediate future I’m sticking with the 12mm.